May 2024 SMCDFA Monthly Meeting


Reparations Arising,

159 Years Later


Alexis K. Lewis



Manager, Grantmaking Strategy and Research, Liberation Ventures

While we know that technically slavery ended with the Civil War, the centuries of ingrained inhumane perceptions and treatment of slaves and their descendants is still too present today.

Throughout those interim years ,the vestiges of those profiles of Black people have led the parade in laws and private decision-making bodies to “keep Blacks in their place”, ensuring no ability to enjoy:

- good schools with enough supplies and quality teachers,

- good jobs and incomes that education can beget,

- home and farmland ownership that helps build assets for generations.

Our own Alexis Lewis and her colleague, Vikas Maturi, are working on 14 Bills now going through the California Legislature to try to help balance the systemic, inherited continuation of that heritage of slavery.

Join us for this long overdue presentation and discussion - bring your questions!

For more information, please see the Liberation Ventures website:

The list of 14 bills in progress is found on KQED News, which is tracking their status on their website:

They are also listed on the SMCDFA website events page

You won't want to miss this excellent meeting.

Wednesday, May 1, 2024 at 7pm

This meeting will be via Zoom, the link is:


Meeting ID: 832 0588 9368
Password: 820212


May 01, 2024 at 7:00pm - 9pm
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