Previous SMCDFA Zoom Meetings


August 2023

The Changing Indigent Defense Landscape: Growth and Improvement of the SMC Private Defender Program

Lisa M. Maguire is recognized as a leader in the defense community. She skillfully guided the Private Defender Program through the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that clients in San Mateo County maintained access to their attorneys and to the court.Ms. Maguire will discuss future plans which include improving immigration services for clients who face potential immigration consequences and ensuring early representation for incarcerated clients.


June 2023 Paul Bocanegra - Co-founder of Re-Evolution and a human rights watch officer of the Children's Division of Human Rights Watch. He is also a part of San Mateo County Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission. His personal story and perspective make him a passionate advocate for improvements to the system and how it impacts children. 

The San Mateo County Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Commission advocates for programs and services that prevent youth entry into the juvenile justice system, and that provide tools young people need to thrive and succeed in life. The Commission seeks to promote respect for the human dignity of all young people who do enter the juvenile justice system and seeks to preserve their youth.


May 2023 Josh Abrams - Josh Abrams, Principal with the Community Planning Collaborative, has been instrumental in working with San Mateo County jurisdictions to navigate and complete their Housing Elements.

March 2023 Noelia Corzo - San Mateo County Supervisor

February 2023 Ray Muellor - San Mateo County Supervisor


January 2023 Dave Rosenfeld from Solar Alliance



June 2022 Meeting featuring Sally Lieber

Former State Assembly Woman, and current Mountain View City Council Member


May 2022 Meeting featuring Harvard Professor Marshall Ganz

In this meeting Professor Ganz asks SMCDFA - What has sustained you?



March 2022 Meeting featuring California State Senator Josh Becker

"The Fight for Civil, Voter, and Environmental Justice - Part 2!"


February 2022 Meeting featuring Joaquin Jimenez - Half Moon Bay City Council, advocate and grassroots organizer

"The Future of Farming is in the Hands of Farmworkers"


January 2022 Meeting featuring U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Speier

"Congresswoman Jackie Speier - A Look Back... And Forward"


October 2021 Meeting featuring PHD Dr. Chris Field, Director at Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

“Climate-change solutions when there is no more time”


May 20221 featuring Josh Becker - California State Senator

"The Fight for Civil, Voter and Environmental Justice"


April 2021 Meeting featuring former State Senator and Current Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian

"Police Reform:  Opportunity or Oxymoron?"


March 2021 Meeting featuring Adam Bolaños Scow

"Winning a Green New Deal for California and the Nation!"


February 2021 Meeting featuring Marshall Dinowitz and Susie Raye

"Biden Report Card: The First 10 Days"


June 2020 Meeting featuring Marshall Dinowitz and Tony Holtzman

"Covid 19 - Pandemic and Politics and What Comes Next?


May 2020 Meeting featuring Diane Bailey of Menlo Spark and Lisa Altieri - Founder and CEO of Climate

"Climate Change in San Mateo County; Everyday Actions You Can Take to Reduce Your Footprint"

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