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Membership in SMCDFA is open to registered Democrats (or to those who are ineligible to vote due to non-residency or other legal impediment but who pledge to register as Democrats when eligibility is attained); and who have attended at least one meeting prior to being able to vote on club business, and who have paid club dues.

 Annual dues are:

 Individual                               $25.00

Household                               $40.00

Senior (over age 60)                $10.00

Student (Full time)                  $10.00

Unemployed                           $10.00

On disability benefits              $10.00

 Dues are due on May 1,  and are payable by May 31 of each calendar year.

Annual dues for new members are prorated on a monthly basis.

 To join or renew one’s membership please send a check, made out to SMCDFA to our Treasurer, Kacy McClure, 1330 Johnson Street Menlo Park 94025 or contact Flavia Franco at

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A Progressive Democratic Club: Our purpose is “to inspire the active participation of County residents in the political process, to provide a forum for communicating ideas, and to promote progressive candidates, policies, and reforms.”