2021 Climate Change Task Force


(Above is a display of the Biden Administration's Infrastructure Plan and Families Plan From NY Times published May 12, 2021 from The Learning Network)

SMCDFA Climate Change Task Force Document (July 25th, 2021)

How can we reduce further climate disasters Learn about the impact of Climate Change and its Causes - here are some resources:

● Read Bill Gates’ book on this subject. You can also read Chistiana Figueres’ Book. She was the chief negotiator of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

bill_gates_book.jpg     The_future_we_choose_book.jpg


● Be aware of where the 51 billion Tons of Greenhouse Gases (CO2, CH4, NO2, CHC) the world emits annually come from*:

GHG Emission Sources



Making things (steel, cement, plastics, etc.)



Plugging in (electricity)



Growing Things (plants, animals)



Getting Around (Planes, trucks, cargo ships, cars)



Keeping warm and cool (heating, cooling, refrigeration)



*Source: pg. 55 “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” by Bill Gates

● Be aware of environmental justice issues exacerbating poverty, hunger, homelessness, creation of refugees, etc. Here is an article that presents several good books on the subject.


Some personal actions you can take to help fight climate change

Here are some things the task force is already doing.

● Drive as little as possible or buy an electric car, or use alternate transportation like biking, walking or mass transit.

● Discourage CAFO’s (concentrated animal feeding operations) by minimizing meat consumption and by carefully selecting meat sources.

● If you live in a single-dwelling home and can afford it, convert your gas heating furnace to an electric heat pump, your gas water heater to an electric water heater, and install solar panels on your roof.

● In San Mateo County, sign up for ECO100 plan (100% renewable electricity).

This article from Futurelearn.com contains good background information on these and other actions for going green, i.e. sustainable, and why a person’s carbon footprint matters.

Public Actions you can take to help raise awareness and make fighting climate change a top priority

● Be in touch with local politicians and encourage them to promote climate friendly policies, write letters to the Editor, and discuss these plans with your family and friends.

● Support Biden’s latest Plans on the Environment and his efforts with world leaders to implement vigorous international agreements on fossil fuel emissions curtailments.

● Support federal, state and private R&D to reduce 51 billion Tons of greenhouse gases to zero by no later than 2050.

● Support organizations that promote world reduction in population growth. 10 billion population by 2100 may be unsustainable.

● Help change current regulations that make it difficult or impossible to install solar panels on condos and multi-dwelling apartment houses.

● Tell PUC and local officials to favor renewable sources of electricity and make sure local Climate Action Plans (CAPs) require new buildings and single-family homes to be all electric.

● Support work toward achieving sustainable agriculture that includes production of food and fiber using methods that eliminates production of net CO2, ensures judicious water management and usage, prevents harm to biological ecosystems and habitats, protects health and safety of farm workers and ensures equitable production in the future that meets the nutritional and fiber needs of all people.

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