2018 Holiday Party Poems

Here are our entries for our 2018 Holiday Party. Enjoy!



It’s now December 2018
and voter suppression ‘s most obscene!

 ‘Tis time for political climate change
from coast to coast (and on the range).

We Dems create a massive blue wave,
all counties, states—the Nation to save.
Now don’t be feeling down in the dump
for currents swirl to rid us of Trump.
His lies and deceit have been aplenty,
It’s time to work for 2020.

>>Bob Page


The Conman’s Holiday Wish

All I wanted was my tower,
Put it near the Moskva River,
Just outside of my gold front door;
But don’t give me your tired, your poor.

I remember, the “Put-in” master Putin put me in,
But now I got exposed by that evil Michael Flynn.

Over and over, how I’ve lied and blundered,
And now I know my days are numbered;
The Dems got the house,
They’ll treat me like a louse,
But I’ll hope my family, to whom I hail,
Will all join me in the jail.

>>Marshall Dinowitz


Back to the Valley

When the vote went our way weeks after election day, I found myself telling a friend it was like finding a Mickey Mouse camera in my Christmas stocking. Why did I say that? The holiday remained a disappointment in my mind. Mickey’s camera had shown through the thin paper bag Mama carried while we were shopping in Fresno. Not that I believed in Santa Claus, but how could I pretend if she carried the camera-I-had-hinted-I-wanted in a bag you could see through? I got my wish with the election. Not fantasy or magic. A bright and cheery real surprise. All that hard, slow work back in the Valley knocking on doors to get-out-the- vote in CD 21. Our opponent declared the winner on election night. Weeks more work following-up with voters told their signatures didn’t match. Getting their votes counted. Then the margin slowly changed and finally flipped. A stunning surprise Mickey Mouse camera in the bottom of my nearly empty stocking.

>>Judy Bertelsen


What is winning in 2018?

I think facts are winning. They have that sly advantage of being facts. And they remain. For instance the fact that the current President has lied 6,420 times in 649 days which is an average of over nine times a day- this fact will remain long after my tax cut savings has been spent. Some facts are harsh, but please remember, we can help to create new facts, expose facts that others are trying to hide, and protect facts from being distorted.


So here are my top 10 facts for 2018 from Worst to Best.


#1 There have been 325 mass shootings so far this year in 339 days. Sadly, this is close to the annual totals for 2015, 2016, and 2017.

#2 In the 2018 wildfires, there were 12,972 homes lost and 1.8 million acres burned.

#3 Four months after Hurricane Maria, 450,000 people in Puerto Rico were still without power. It took 11 months for full power to be restored.

#4 One Supreme Court Justice was confirmed.  

#5 Carole Dorshkind was joined by Dr. Stephen Hawking, Senator John McCain and former President George H.W. Bush as they “graduated” and moved to higher plain in 2018.

#6 Teachers led in solidarity and went on strike in eight regions around the country.

You want to know where? Arizona, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Washington, Chicago, North Carolina and Colorado.

#7 In these times of the “swamped drain,” there has been White House Turnover in 15 positions.  (Not all changes led to great improvements, but it is a cause for hope)  You want to know which ones?

Director for the Center for Disease Controls, The President’s Personal Aide, WH Staff Secretary, Communications Director, Deputy Director of Communications, Director of National Economic Council, Secretary of State, Under Secretary of State, FBI Deputy Director, National Security Advisor, Secretary for Veterans’ Administration, Secretary for the EPA, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Attorney General, Legal Counsel to the President.

#8 There was one November Election.   

#9 Number of Military Parades that taxpayers had to pay for was zero.

#10 There were 33 indictments and/or guilty pleas so far related to the current WH administration.


So, my wish for 2019 is that Robert Mueller will earn our votes for Person of the Year.


A Unique Perspective

Despite the constant negative covfefe…

Oh, you laugh bigly?

You are losers -- bad, bad hombres.

Covfefe is fake news,

Reported by the stupid, moron media,

The enemy of the people.


The tremendous alternative fact

is that I’m WINNING,

A lot of money, billions and billions of dollars.

Another yuge, incredible fact:

When you’re a star, they let you do it.

You can do anything.  You’ll find out.


>> Ashleigh Evans