Link shared by Environmental Task Force

Link to Citizens Climate Lobby - Jeff Whittington represented this group and this group will be presenting at an SMCDFA meeting in May or June.

Board of Supervisors of San Francisco just supported Carbon Tax.


Carbon Dioxide Climate Calculator Video and Link from Ft. Collins Colorado - Thanks Carol Cross

Link to blog that debunks myths about the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) tunnels - Thanks Marshall Dinowitz


Links from February Meeting

Resolution against the TPP that was passed by California Democratic Party and is posted on their website.


Resolution and letters we can write to support the U.S. Postal Service from Brigid O'Farrell from the Coastside Democrats Group



Links from January 2014 Meeting

Link to notes from Jan. 5 Conference Call with and other organizations to stop the TPP.

Link to talking points and address to contact DOGGR to request moratorium on Fracking - alert was sent by the Sierra Club.

Mailing Address: Department of Conservation Office of Governmental and Environmental Relations, 801 k Street MS 24-02, Sacramento, CA 95814 Attention Well Stimulation Regulations

Email Address: [email protected]

Links about Prison Reform  This links to the San Mateo Board of Supervisors. Contact them to let them know what you thought about our Nov. Meeting on reducing California Prison populations. And the new San Mateo County proposed jail.     This is the link to CURB, the organization that Emily Harris belongs to.  Check out the write up of our November Meeting under "News & Updates/Looking Back" for more.

10 Alternatives to building more Jails

10 Reasons to fight the San Mateo County new jail


Links about Trans-Pacific Partnership website for actions you can take by [email protected] Salt Lake City Backbone Campaign - TPP - From the Center for Economic & Policy Research


Links to Our Allied Organizations Peninsula Peace and Justice Center TPP - Sierra Club Perspective National Level DFA CEQA Works - this organization works to keep California's environmental protections strong. SMCDFA supports

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