SMCDFA Delegates to the Democratic Convention!

San Mateo County Democracy for America is proud that two of our members -- Carole Dorshkind, co-chair of SMCDFA, and Elsa Schafer, co-chair of SMCDFA's Campaign Finance Reform Task Force -- competed in the convention delegate elections in the spring and were top vote-getters in their districts.  They're in Philadelphia now, and they sent the following messages to us.

Carole Dorshkind:

With the convention about to begin, I find I'm very excited to witness and actually participate in making history.  As an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter, I look forward to hearing him speak and casting my vote for him as a representative of CD 18 (Anna Eshoo's district) and the thousands of Bernie supporters I represent. Even if he doesn't become the party nominee, I plan to work hard on talking up progressive issues and convincing others to help prevent TPP from coming to a vote during the Lame Duck Congress. In any case, it will be fantastic to spend 5 days with passionate, committed people.

Elsa Schafer:

Thanks to Carole’s great advice I was elected a Bernie Sanders delegate, and am thrilled to be working toward a platform more progressive than anticipated, inching closer to publicly funded elections, universal healthcare, a carbon fee at the source or entry into our country, and a more level playing field for all, politically, racially, educationally, economically and psychologically.  This current movement has been building for fifty years and feels powerful and focused enough that we are not going backwards, will not lose sight of the necessity of treating people with dignity, and allowing all a fair opportunity to live healthy and productive lives.  We’ll post a daily blog - TBD - we’re all there together in spirit!


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